Maintenance sheet

For parquet and other floors “oiled” using DevoNatural® High Solid Oil

If you have used DevoNatural High Solid Oil to finish your parquet floor:

This means that you opted for a finish that preserves the natural appearance and feel of your wooden floor!

Floors treated in this way are fully protected against penetration of moisture and grime. In order to continue protecting your floor, you will need to regularly maintain your parquet with DevoNatural Wood Soap!

Alternating between DevoNatural Wood Soap Clear, White or Grey when maintaining your floor enables you to gently restore the colour of your parquet floor and correct any discoloration caused by exposure to light or wear.

So that your parquet floor stays beautiful for many years to come, we recommend that you maintain it in the following way:

After applying the finish coat, avoid all contact with water for the first 2-3 weeks.


Weekly maintenance:

Clean your floor using a floor cloth or mop and DevoNatural Wood Soap Clear, White or Grey. This soap can be used for cleaning and maintaining oiled parquet floors (it must not be used on floors treated with Hardwax Oil! DevoNatural Wood Soap cleans and nourishes your floor. However, this soapy solution can also be applied as a final treatment for floors made from woods, such as spruce, pine, oak, etc. (You should always conduct a test, before using the product on tropical woods.)

Method for weekly maintenance:

  • Always clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner or duster;
  • Dilute 100 - 200 ml of DevoNatural Wood Soap in 10 litres of water;
  • Clean the floor using a floor cloth or well-wrung mop;
  • Rinse at regular intervals;
  • Wait until the floor is dry before walking on it.
Tip: You should preferably use the “two bucket” method, particularly on very large surfaces. One bucket containing soapy water, prepared with DevoNatural Soft Cleaner, is used for cleaning with the floor cloth or mop. The other bucket should be filled with water for rinsing. Always rinse the floor cloth or mop in the rinse bucket, before soaking it in the soapy water. This means that the soapy water stays clean and your parquet floor will not get dirty too rapidly. Regularly change the rinsing water!

General advice: 

Caution: Do not use DevoNatural Wood Soap on waxed, hardwax oiled or varnished floors!

Any stains present on the wood surface will normally be removed during maintenance with DevoNatural Wood Soap. Remove any stubborn stains using DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner. If required, restore your floor using DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer.

You can rectify any stains and restore heavily used or rough areas “encrusted” in the wood, without having to treat the entire floor. Clean the affected area using DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner, in order to remove layers of soap. If required, you can gently rub the floor with fine sand paper (150 or 220 grit). Apply DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer to the affected area. Soap again thoroughly after a few weeks.

Maintain your floor thoroughly every year:


Carrying out thorough maintenance at the right time will considerably increase the lifespan of your parquet floor! In theory, you will never have to sand your floor again, if it has been treated with DevoNatural High Solid Oil and is properly maintained!

In theory, you should maintain your floor thoroughly every year, but this obviously depends on individual circumstances and how much the floor is used. In practice, major maintenance should therefore be conducted between every six months and every 2-3 years.

How will I know when major maintenance is needed?

If you regularly treat your floor with DevoNatural Wood Soap, a layer of soap will form on your floor over a period of time. This layer of soap protects the floor but the floor will also retain grime, if it becomes over-saturated. Can you no longer get your floor clean? This means it is time for some major maintenance!

devonatural-high-solid-oil-renewerIf you only use a very small amount of soap or if you do not clean your floor regularly with DevoNatural Wood Soap, your parquet floor will not be fully protected. “Rough” areas will appear on your parquet floor, wherever people frequently walk, and the grain of the wood may begin to age, if you wait too long. In this case, you will also need to conduct major maintenance. Regular maintenance with DevoNatural Wood Soap will therefore enable you to delay major maintenance!

Method used for major maintenance:

  • Always clean the floor first using a vacuum cleaner or duster;
  • Remove any old layers of soap using DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner;
  • Shake well before use. Dilute 0.5 - 1 litre of DevoNatural Intensive Cleaner in 10 litres of cold water;
  • Normal major maintenance: apply this alkaline solution, which is automatically acting, to your waterproof floor, using a floor cloth or mop, and allow to act for approx. 5 - 10 minutes. Then rub or scrub by hand. Always rinse the floor thoroughly using a floor cloth or mop and clean water while still damp. Always wipe away any excess water! Regularly change the rinsing water.
  • For heavily used floors: waterproof parquet floors can be cleaned, if required, using a rotating machine (with liquid reservoir) and red pad. Immediately remove any excess water using a wet vacuum cleaner. Always rinse the floor again thoroughly while still damp, using a floor cloth or mop and clean water. Always wipe away any excess water! Regularly change the rinsing water. If required, after the floor has dried, sand it again using a rotating machine and P150 or P220 abrasive disk.
  • After the floor has dried sufficiently, apply DevoNatural High Solid Oil Renewer, using a lint-free cloth or rotating machine and thick white pad. To obtain a uniform shine, polish using a felt pad.
  • Allow the floor to dry sufficiently before walking on it! (At least 8 hours!)
  • Avoid any contact with water during the first two weeks after major maintenance. After two weeks, you can continue with normal maintenance using DevoNatural Wood Soap.

DevoNatural Wood Soap as a final treatment for wood floors:


  • Dilute 1 litre of DevoNatural Wood Soap in 10 litres of water;
  • Apply this soapy solution using a brush, allowing it penetrate into the wood;
  • Repeat this step until the floor is impregnated.