Maintenance sheet

For parquet floors “varnished” with DevoNatural® Finish, Transit or Passage

If you have used a DevoNatural varnish to finish your parquet floor:

This means you opted for a stain and wear resistant finish!

Floors treated in this way are fully protected against penetration of moisture and grime. Using DevoNatural Transit and Passage even makes them resistant to a wide range of chemical products!

After applying the finish coat, avoid all contact with water for the first 2-3 weeks.

Taking care of your floor is now child’s play!

So that your parquet floor stays beautiful for many years to come, we recommend:

Normal cleaning maintenance:

devonatural-soft-cleanerClean your parquet using a floor cloth or mop with DevoNatural Soft Cleaner. This soap can be used for cleaning and maintaining sealed/glazed parquet, wood/bamboo/cork and laminated parquet floors.

DevoNatural Soft Cleaner cleans, degreases and preserves the natural colour and shine of your floor. The product does not leave any residues and has been specially designed for regular use. It does not damage the glaze coat, even when used in highly concentrated form, because of its gentle alkaline action.

Due to its balanced formula, DevoNatural Soft Cleaner is also an ideal cleaning product for use with DevoNatural Polish.



  • Always clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner or duster;
  • Dilute 100 ml of DevoNatural Soft Cleaner in 5 litres of water;
  • Clean using a floor cloth or well-wrung mop;
  • Rinse at regular intervals;
  • Wait until the floor dries before walking on it.
Tip: You should preferably use the “two bucket” method, particularly on very large surfaces. One bucket containing soapy water, prepared with DevoNatural Soft Cleaner, is used for cleaning, together with the floor cloth or mop. The other bucket should be filled with water for rinsing. Always rinse the floor cloth or mop in the rinse bucket, before soaking it in the soapy water. This means that the soapy water stays clean and your parquet floor will not get dirty too rapidly.

Maintenance polish:

devonatural-polish-matRegular maintenance using DevoNatural Polish can be compared to waxing your car. DevoNatural Polish keeps your varnish beautiful, restores its original appearance, removes any small scratches and provides maximum protection against everyday wear. In other words, this maintenance ensures that your parquet floor keeps its shine for longer!

Several types of DevoNatural Polish are available - for varnished, matt and satin finish floors!

How often you use the polish depends on how much your parquet floor is used. On average, we recommend one application every six weeks. One application per month may be required for business premises. For best results, you should first apply DevoNatural Polish, three weeks after the finish coat is added to your parquet floor, without diluting it, using a wax applicator or lint-free cotton cloth.



  • Always clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner or duster;
  • Always start by cleaning the floor with DevoNatural Soft Cleaner;
  • Shake the DevoNatural Polish well before use. It can be used neat or diluted with water (up to 1/10);
  • Undiluted, using a lint-free cloth, or diluted in water, using a floor cloth or mop;
  • For heavily used floors: apply undiluted DevoNatural Polish using a wax applicator or lint-free cloth. Rub in the direction of the wood grain. To prevent streaks from appearing, it is advisable to apply several thin coats rather than one single thick coat;
  • For occasional and regular maintenance: clean with a floor cloth every 4-6 weeks, using 250 ml of DevoNatural Polish diluted in 10 litres of water;
  • Allow the floor to dry sufficiently before walking on it!
  • Different versions of DevoNatural Polish are available for matt varnishes (DevoNatural Polish Matt) and satin/gloss finish varnishes (DevoNatural Polish Satin).
Caution: Never use this product on waxed or oiled floors! Coats of varnishes / lacquers must be applied at least three weeks before you can use DevoNatural Soft Cleaner or Polish.