DevoNatural® Transit Plus

Parquet varnish


Dual component aqueous varnish for parquet floors, polyurethane-acrylic based, wear resistant and invisible

DevoNatural Transit Plus - Dual component aqueous varnish for parquet floors, wear resistant and invisibleApplication

Particularly suitable for treating wooden floors that are heavily used and need to keep their untreated appearance. Because of its high wear resistance and easy maintenance, this matt varnish for parquet floors is the ideal solution for a contemporary application on floors, both in the home and in business premises. Indoors, the product can also be applied to wooden doors, furniture, worktops, ceilings, etc.

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  • The wood keeps its natural colour (no discolouring);
  • Extra mat;
  • Very wear resistant;
  • Suitable for business premises, staircases and heavily used surfaces;
  • Resistant to most chemical products;
  • The wood keeps its natural colour (little discolouring);
  • Fast hardening;
  • Can be used with other products. Adheres to all other DevoNatural parquet varnishes and DevoNatural Easy Colour.
Special characteristics: UV resistant (anti-yellowing), low-odour, easy application, highly resistant to scratches and most chemical maintenance products, complies with the VOC standards, safe to use, non-toxic and non-flammable, NMP-free. The combination of hardness and elasticity means that your floor will last a very long time and it will be very resistant to wear and tear.


Surface preparation: The surface must be cleaned, dry and free of grease and dust.

Product preparation: Stir DevoNatural Transit Plus A and B at room temperature. Slowly add the hardening agent B to component A, while continuously stirring the latter (1 part of hardening agent B to 10 parts component A). Continue to stir for 30 seconds after the solution is fully mixed. Then leave to rest for 5 - 10 minutes before use.vernis-aanbrengen-rol

Application: Use a brush or varnish roller. Apply in strokes of 60 to 80 cm wide, first in transversal direction in relation to the grain of the wood and then finish in the direction of the grain. Apply “wet on wet”, allowing the strokes to merge. On larger surfaces, it is advisable to work as a team, so that the wet strokes formed by the brush or roller merge into each other. Avoid direct draughts and direct exposure to sunlight in the area where the product is applied. Apply 2 - 3 coats, depending on the desired wear resistance and protection.

Pot life: 2 hours.

Drying time: 2-4 hours.

Finish: After approx. 6 hours, roughen by hand or using a machine. Sand after the first coat, using a 120 grit sanding disc. Between the 2nd and 3rd coat, sand using a 220 grit sanding disc.

Dry enough to walk on: After 5 hours.

Full hardening time: 5 to 6 days. Although the floor is dry enough to walk on after 5 hours, it is recommended that you allow it to rest during the first week. During this period, it is not advisable to lay a carpet, any other floor covering or allow the floor to be used heavily. During the first month, do not clean it using water or detergent.

Working temperature: When applying the mixed product, the temperature must not be lower than 13°C. The best results can be obtained by using DevoNatural Transit Plus at a temperature of approx. 20°C and a relative humidity of 50%.

Consumption: 10-12 m²/litre for the first coat, 12-15 m²/litre for the second and the third coat, 2 to 3 coats depending on use and the desired wear resistance.

Clean tools: Using water.

Maintenance: From 4 weeks after applying the finish coat, using DevoNatural Soft Cleaner and DevoNatural Polish. See also the DevoNatural maintenance sheet for varnished floors.

Shelf life: 1 year if kept sealed in the original packaging. Protect against frost in a cool place.

Disposal: Dispose of any left-over product and empty packaging, in compliance with the applicable local regulations.

EU limit value for this product (cat A/j): 140 g/l (2010): This product contains max. 90 g/l VOC.


2,2 L and 5,5 L


Technical datasheet DevoNatural Transit Plus Pure